Why are property taxes increasing again after an increase in 2018?

The 2019 Preliminary Budget continues adjustments that must be made to meet current challenges and future needs. The City has committed to several ambitious projects, including construction of two of the largest infrastructure projects in the City’s history: NAWS and flood control. Those two projects combined account for $400 million in new infrastructure over the coming years. Taking modest financial steps now to close revenue gaps will significantly lessen the financial and service level impacts to our citizens in the future.  NAWS requires $4M annually in new funding to complete.

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1. What is the total preliminary budget for 2019 in dollars?
2. How will my property taxes be impacted?
3. Why are property taxes increasing again after an increase in 2018?
4. Why is the 2019 budget higher than the 2018 budget?
5. Why does the budget include so much money for NAWS?
6. What is NAWS?
7. Why is NAWS needed?
8. How much money is needed to complete NAWS?
9. How is the City paying for NAWS?
10. Why do taxes seem to go up every year?
11. What is the total mill levy for 2019?
12. Why is the mill levy higher than 2018?
13. What is a mill?
14. What does the City portion of my property tax bill actually pay for?
15. Has the City reduced its operating budget for 2019?
16. What else has the City done in recent years to save money?
17. Has the City cut its number of employees for 2019?
18. Have any fees been raised for 2019?
19. What happens next in the process to approve the budget?