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Posted on: June 17, 2022

New retaining wall near City Hall taking shape

City Hall wall1

The area around City Hall and the Minot Police Department is a busy place.

The project to replace the aging rock wall is well under way, according to City Engineer Lance Meyer.

Work has been completed on part of the project’s first phase, which involved installing a new water line in the parking lots around City Hall.

“Half of the water main work is done, and they’ll do the second half when they’re done driving in the pile by the parking lot east of the Police Department,” Meyer said. “They’ve also installed a new water line into City Hall, so the building won’t have to go on temporary water when the remainder of the work is done.”

Crews are currently constructing the new wall by attaching thick timber lagging to the steel piles, Meyer said.

“Along Second Avenue, you can see they’re removing layers of the slope right now,” he said. “They’ll keep removing layers from the top, then install wooden timbers that get fastened between the piles that they’ve driven in. That’s actually the wall that holds the soil back.”

The piles have been driven into the ground using different methods. Some piles were driven in using vibrations rather than pounding them into the ground. Piles are currently being installed south of City Hall using an auger that drills a hole for the pile, and then concrete will be used to hold the pile in place.

“They auger down to the depth they need, put the pile in, put concrete in and then backfill it. They’re using that method instead of using vibration when they’re so close to the Auditorium and the Police Department,” Meyer said. “It’s a less intrusive way to accomplish the same thing. So far, the process has gone much better than they were anticipating.”

The new structural wall is comprised of the piles and timber lagging. The decorative concrete wall will be about 6 inches thick, and attaches to the beams to form the exterior wall.

“It’s part of making the walls more appealing, but the exterior concrete wall really isn’t holding anything back. It’s more for aesthetics than anything else,” Meyer said.

Rolac Contracting Inc. is the general contractor on the $5.1 million project, which is scheduled to be completed this fall.

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