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Posted on: December 9, 2021

Asphalt recycler allows crews to start earlier, work later on projects

Melting asphalt

On Dec. 2, the City of Minot’s street department was preparing for snow that was predicted in the coming days. But street crews are also repairing a section of broken asphalt near the Minot Auditorium.

Asphalt repair in December? Yep, thanks to the City’s asphalt recycling machine that was purchased in early 2021.

“We started using it in March for small patches, like winter time water break patches, etc.,” said Street Superintendent Kevin Braaten. “We’ve never patched in March before because the asphalt plants don’t open until the construction season starts, which could be late May. My first invoice for hot mix in 2021 was May 11. With this machine, we can be working on smaller jobs much earlier.”

The ability to work both earlier in the spring and later into the year was a main reason for purchasing the approximately $85,000 recycler. It also saves money by reheating recycled asphalt millings and turning them back into useful asphalt.

“When we buy hot mix directly, we pay about $75 per ton. If we use millings, where we reheat the product and reuse it without adding more oil back into it, we can do it for about $15 to $20 a ton,” Braaten said.

The machine works great for things like small potholes and manhole adjustments, where a truckload of asphalt isn’t necessary.

“When a manhole sticks up, it can create unsafe driving conditions because drivers could hit it and we have a chance to damage snow equipment when we’re clearing roadways,” Braaten said.

By utilizing actual asphalt millings, the recycling process also helps patches and other repairs last longer, Braaten said.

“We can do repairs with the recycler during the off-season, but we can also use it to put better product in the patches and that helps us create a more permanent fix and safer driving conditions,” he said.

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