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Posted on: October 27, 2022

Latest signal changes should help traffic flow, safety

City of Minot Traffic Engineer Stephen Joersz made a few significant traffic signal changes recently, and drivers at three specific intersections should notice the difference.

“You have to look at a micro level and a macro level. If I make a change at an intersection, how does that affect other intersections around it?” Joersz said. “If I make a change at 37th Avenue Southwest, how does that affect 31st Avenue SW? It’s all connected.”

The recent changes will improve safety and traffic flow, Joersz said.

South Broadway/16th Avenue

There’s a new traffic signal cabinet at this intersection, although Joersz said the video system isn’t fully functioning yet. That will be implemented soon, and then the signals will be responsive to traffic and not just operate on set timed signals, he said.

The benefit of the changes taking place at this intersection? There should be fewer vehicles sitting at red lights.

“The analog clock in the old cabinet drifted a lot; the new digital one is far more accurate,” Joersz said. “Drivers going north and south on Broadway should hit more greens at 16th Avenue, which also means they should also hit more greens at 11th Avenue and 20th Avenue.”

East Burdick Expressway/Valley Street

Left turn arrows have been turned on for vehicles going north and south during the morning rush from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.

“We have three timing plans throughout the day; overnight, morning, and midday/afternoon,” Joersz said. “For morning, when traffic is heavier on Valley Street and Front Street, we turned on the left turn arrows to give those vehicles a chance to clear out in a safer manner.”

Traffic doesn’t warrant an all-day left turn signal, but Joersz said his department will continue to monitor traffic at that location to see if further changes are necessary.

Joersz said the recent signal changes at Burdick Expressway/Main Street and Burdick Expressway/Third Street SE work together with the changes made at Burdick Expressway/Valley Street/Front Street intersection.

South Broadway/37th Avenue

Eastbound traffic turning left and eastbound thru traffic will now go at the same time. Previously, eastbound and westbound left turns would go at the same time, and then the thru traffic would go.

“I didn’t like the vehicles being so close to each other when both left turns were going at the same time,” Joersz said. “This change helps clear that up.”

Although there is a new traffic signal cabinet at this intersection, the new video detection system isn’t completely set up yet; that should be fully operational soon.

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