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The City of Minot greatly values its representatives at the State level. We know the best way to govern is to be as informed as possible. Please use this webpage as a resource to the information needed as a lawmaker.

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Legislative Position Papers

The City of Minot City Council has identified eight key priorities and drafted them into clear, concise, and useful position papers to help our legislators understand the top focuses of the City. Some bills may be directly or indirectly tied to some of these issues. As such, we have outlined, summarized, and provided recommendations for these key positions.

Bills we're tracking

  1. Sipma-22edit

    Shaun Sipma


  2. Tom Barry

    City Manager

  1. 'If you have a dream, do it'

    JayDee Bach, the youngest firefighter ever hired in Minot, has packed a lot of living into less than 20 years of life. Read on...
  2. Gathering space focus turns to new site

    The Minot City Council is moving forward with the proposed gathering space project, but voted at its Oct. 7 meeting to begin discussion of purchasing property along Broadway that belongs to Trinity Health. Read on...
  3. Work continues on Minot levee system

    Minot is home to 22 miles of levees, which have been constructed to prevent the overflow of the Souris River. Read on...
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