Setting Fees

Fees do not include any materials for markers, monuments or vases. Rosehill Cemetery recommends that all markers and monument foundations be solid granite, without concrete edging. All markers and foundations must be a minimum of 4 inches in depth. Payment for the property and the setting charges must be made in full prior to placement of the memorials.

Monument Foundation Setting

  • Single Setting Fee: $175
  • Double Setting Fee: $225

Marker & Vase Setting

  • Single Setting Fee: $100
  • Double Setting Fee: $150
  • Vase Setting Fee: $45

All of these fees apply to re-setting charges.


There is not a marker setting fee for veterans. If a veteran's marker is placed in cement or granite, all current setting fees will apply.

Additional Information

The number of names placed on a memorial will determine the total setting fee on traditional flat or monument memorials. Fees for placement of mausoleums, benches and other memorial fixtures shall be determined and paid in full prior to their placement.