The City of Minot will be introducing automated trash collection in the summer of 2017. As a result, specialized trash containers must be used. There is currently three sizes to choose from. All residents must declare for a specialized size before April 1st or will be given the 65 standard sized containers. To declare for a size that works best for your household please complete the form here.

35 Gallon

35 gal waste cart  city of Minot
Small 35- gallon will hold three (3) 13-gallon trash bags. The opting for a smaller container will reduce your monthly bill by a $1.50

65 Gallon

65 gal waste cart  city of Minot
Standard 65- gallon will hold six (6) 13-gallon trash bags. No action is needed if you wish you use the standard size container.

95 Gallon

95 gal waste cart city of Minot
Large 95- gallon will hold ten (10) 13-gallon trash bags. Opting for the larger container will increase your monthly bill by $1.50