Liquor Licensing

Please contact the City Clerk's Office to receive application forms for a new or transferred license to operate an alcoholic beverage sales business within the City of Minot. In addition to the completed forms, the following will be required with the application:
  1. Business floor plan, including the location and extent of the licensed premises and the parking area for the business.
  2. Copies of any purchase agreements or lease agreements and organization certificates of registration.
  3. Copy of City fire inspection report.
  4. Complete personal information form for each owner, corporate officer, manager, governor, partner, and director.
  5. For Ownership transfers, notarized request from current owner(s).
  6. Check for required license fee.
Submitting Applications
Applications should be submitted to:
City Clerk's Office (City Hall--2nd Floor)
515 2nd Avenue Southwest
Minot, ND 58701

The City Clerk's Office will forward the application to the Police Department and the Building Official's Office for review, as required by Ordinance. Thereafter, the request will be provided to the Liquor/Gambling Control Committee for its recommendation to the City Council.

In order for the request to be considered in a timely manner, the complete package should be filed with the City Clerk's Office no later than the 15th of the month for City Council consideration at its first-Monday-of-the-month meeting. The City Clerk's Office will provide the exact dates and times of the meetings when the application is filed. You or a representative of your business should make plans to attend these meetings, if possible.

Additional Information
In addition to the City's license, you must apply for a State license. You should call the Attorney General's Licensing Division at 1-800-326-9240 to request an application packet.