Route Changes Due to Construction

Fall construction will effect Minot City Transit routes for the months to come. 

Starting Monday June 5th the East route will experience a detour and some temporary changes to the route. Due to the Burdick Expressway Reconstruction Project the East route will no longer be running on Burdick Expressway between Valley Street (near the viaduct) to 8th Ave SE (near the Capri bar) until construction is ended. Instead, as the East route heads east on Burdick it will cross the viaduct and take a right turn onto 9th ST SE. It will then continue down 9th ST SE before taking a left onto Eastern Ave. The route will then follow Eastern Ave before taking a left onto 8th Ave SE and following 8th Ave SE back to Burdick Expressway. It will then turn right onto Burdick and continue on with its normal route to the east. On its way back west to the auditorium the East route will follow this same detour in reverse, meaning there will be NO bus access along Burdick Expressway between 9th ST SE and 8th Ave SE, as well as, NO service to the Elbow Park Addition area to the north of Burdick Expressway between 16th & 19th ST SE.

**A map of the East route detour is available here.