Code Compliance Program

Code Compliance

Code Compliance is managed by the Building Official and is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of complaints of building violations. This program generally operates in responses to citizen complaints of alleged code violations or from referrals from other public agencies. Staff and administrative support will inspect for hazardous and dangerous conditions that include the following: 

  • Walls leaning or buckling
  • Supporting elements or members damaged, destructed or deteriorated
  • Exterior fabric of building damaged, destroyed or deteriorated
  • Building damage, destroyed or deteriorated and health/safety issues
  • Inadequate facilities for egress
  • Open pits or excavations not barricaded of fenced
  • Other dangerous conditions

The Inspection Department does issue Stop Work Orders and follow up regarding non-permitted construction that is underway and discovered, and also pro-actively engages with situations that involve life-safety hazards regardless of whether a complaint has been received. 

Code Compliance cases are investigated and, if appropriate, warning and/or violation notices are issued. Double the amount of usual fees is charged for grading and building plan check, processing and inspections for permits related to unpermitted activity that result from “Stop Work” or other code compliance efforts. These actions may be followed by additional legal sanctions, such as recordation, fines, and/ or civil penalties. The overall objective of the code enforcement process is to motivate the property owner to discontinue the illegal use or activity and/or to obtain all required permits.

Common Complaints Not Under the Jurisdiction of Code Compliance

The City has enacted regulations to promote and protect the public health, safety, peace, morals, comfort, convenience, and general welfare; however, there are issues that do not fall under the jurisdiction of Code Compliance. These are best addressed as civil matters through the court system, mediation through one of the local mediation services or though the appropriate County Department.

  • Privacy concerns: A new addition/deck was constructed and now the neighbors can see into my rear yard or house. Unfortunately, not all building permits require neighbor notification.

  • View protection: With the exception of required coastal and scenic corridors, code compliance does not protect any views. To be protected, views must be a condition-of-approval of a development permit.

  • Trees: tree removal from private properties
  • Blocked easements and right-of-ways: The City does not guarantee the usability of private easements and right-of-ways. The titleholders of the easement or right-of-way must protect their own rights. Public easements or right-of-way are maintained by the Department of Public Works.
  • Neglected Properties: The neglected property/nuisance ordinance, applies only to residentially zoned parcels and not to commercial properties such as grocery stores. Commercial properties are regulated by commercial development permit conditions of approval.
  • Septic concerns: I.E. leaking septic tanks, leach fields and gray water issues should be reported directly to the First District Health Unit.
  • Property line disputes: Complaints involving property line disputes such as a fence over the property line, are private civil matters. Complaints alleging structures that encroach over property lines will only be investigated if the building is currently under construction without valid building permit.
  • Drainage: Drainage from one property onto another is a trespass issue. If the drainage system is required as part of a condition-of-approval of a development of building permit and has been altered,  the Engineering Department would investigate the complaint.
  • Noise: the Minot Police Department or Ward County Sheriff's Department handle general noise complaints. If the noise were restricted by a building, development or use permit, Code Compliance would investigate the complaint.
  • Parking Issues: Code Compliance is reported Engineering and the Planning Department.