Service Utilities

Utilities Connections

The building official is authorized to approve utility connections to a building for items such as water, sewer, electricity, gas and steam, and to require their disconnection when hazardous conditions or emergencies exist. The approval of the building official is required before a connection can be made from a utility to a building system that is regulated by the code. For the protection of building occupants, including workers, such systems must have had all final inspection approved.

Temporary Connections

The building official shall authorize the temporary connection of the building or system to the utility source of energy, fuel or power prior to the completion of work. The temporary connection and utilization of connected equipment should be approved when the requesting permit holder has demonstrated to the building official’s satisfaction that public health, safety and welfare will not be endangered.


Disconnecting Service Utilities.

The building official shall authorize the disconnection of utility service to the building, structure or system regulated by the City of Minot and the referenced codes and standards in case of emergency where necessary to eliminate an immediate hazard to life or property or when such utility connection has been made without the approval required. The building official shall notify the serving utility, and wherever possible the owner and occupant of the building, structure or service system of the decision to disconnect prior to taking such action. If not notified prior to disconnecting, the owner or occupant of the building, structure or service system shall be notified in writing, as soon as practical thereafter.