Commercial Permit Types

Upon completion of the plan review process and providing documentation of compliance to all the code issues in the multidisciplinary review, a permit is granted by the Building Official and the Building Inspections Department. Six types of commercial permits are available:  

Permits are also categorized by trade such as demolition, moving and relocation, mechanical heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, electrical and fire suppression. Other permits by trade are typically classified as new construction, addition, or renovation projects, therefore follow the requirements for permitting by type of construction.

Permit Expiration

Once the building permit is granted, completion of the construction is assumed to follow. If no activity has commenced after 180 days, the permit is considered expired. If there is reasonable cause for this delay you may request in writing an extension of up to 180 days from the Inspections Department.If the work has been abandoned or the Inspections Department records do not reveal a request for any inspections, the permit becomes invalid. This permit must be re-instated after 180 days to restart the work. Please be advised, the permit holder is responsible for all incomplete work and conditions created under the permit.

Project Abandonment

If, after review, approval and issuance, a permit is not picked up within 180 days, it will be voided. A new application will be required. New fees will be assessed and an administrative fee of $250 for all permits will be charged to the permit holder. Please notify our office of your intention to abandon an application for a building permit.