Commercial Plan Review

Before a permit can be issued, the City of Minot requires that all plans for construction be "examined" for code compliance by the plan review staff.   In order for the Plan Review Staff to make an informed decision, they communicate directly with the project contractors, developers, architects, engineers, and the general public in reviewing the building and site plans and specifications. This process ensures compliance with the City of Minot ordinances.

With expertise in planning, civil, architecture, fire protection, structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems, plan examiners reviews can range from new construction, to renovation of multi-storied apartments, offices, arenas, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, clinics…etc.

Applicants must also submit their civil site plans to the Engineering Department. The Engineering Department distributes the plans to the Planning, and Public Works Departments. The Engineering Department reviews and approves storm water management, grading, drainage, utility servicing and connections. The Planning Department also reviews and approves zoning compliance, parking, and exterior design criteria requirements…etc.

As can be seen, reviewing plans is a difficult and complex process. Plan examiners have expert knowledge of building codes, know what to check for and know how to read plans. But the most important aspect in the review of plans is the ability to exercise sound judgment in the application of these standards. Plan examiners include professional architects, engineers, and certified plan reviewers.

The Inspections Department has developed numerous brochures to assist professionals and the public in their efforts to obtain a permit.  These brochures can be found here(LINK) or picked up from the permit counter of the City of Minot Inspections Department, Public Works Building.

Exhibit 3.2 is an illustration of the plan review process by the various City Departments.

Exhibit 3.2

City of Minot Commercial Plan Review Flow Chart