Hazard Mitigation at the Water Treatment Plant

The city is using $6 million in hazard mitigation funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the project. The grant is part of the $19.8 million federal share of a larger $26 million phase to improve the plant’s flood protection.

Work on above ground floodwalls and below ground foundations for floodwalls continues – currently sitting at about 90% of the floodwalls poured and in place.

Crews have finished all major water connections below grade to the treatment plant for the HMGP-Water Treatment Plant Flood Protection Project. When it comes to floodwalls, they are ahead of schedule. The work is behind on 16th Street due to a supplier delay in getting a critical piece in from overseas. It is anticipated that the opening of 16th Street will be pushed back.

Thanks to the public for your patience as 16th Street by the plant remains closed – crews are working on the below ground pieces that will need to be under 16th to improve this area – and make for safe flood protection.

When it is all done there will be more than 1,700 feet of floodwalls, one temporary closure at 16th Street, lots of new underground pipes, new roads, new intake structure for water from the river and a key pump station that will keep the “dry side dry” and the “wet side wet” during large rain events or flood events

The two blocks of 16th Street will likely remain closed until the end of September. While the intersection of 16th and Burdick is planned to open all four lanes of Burdick by the end of July.

Flood wall Progress 2
Water pipes being installed at the water treatment plant