Create More Affordable Housing

National Disaster Resilience Program 

Goal:Create More Affordable Housing
This goal is directly tied to the Vulnerable Action Plan to help build more resilient neighborhoods. By the Fall of 2016 the City of Minot and its partners will be updating the Affordable Housing Study to deem how much affordable housing is needed in the Magic City. City Manager, Lee Staab said  "There is a difference between available and affordable." in his most recent public update to the City Council in June. This study will also help to determine if it's in the City's best interest to build off existing infrastructure or start anew.This goal will rely heavily on the input from the citizens of Minot at various public meetings.

Program Goal Milestone

Create More Affordable Housing
  • Update Affordable Housing Study - Fall 2016
  • Develop, Design and Build - 2017 to 2019