Downtown Gathering Space

National Disaster Resilience Program

Goal: Create a "Public Gathering Space"
As part of the HUD National Disaster Resilience Competition Application, the City of Minot is looking to establish at least one "Public Gathering Space". This space can be utilized in many ways; from concerts, to parks, streets fairs, etc. The goals are to create a space that will eventually link to green-spaces along the river to create a place where people come to gather to reconnect with old neighbors and build new social connections, and to provide for a impact for downtown businesses.

What would you like to see for a Downtown Gathering Space?

Main Street Square, Rapid City S.D.

Main Street Square in Rapid City, South Dakota is an one example the City of Minot looks to when planning for a public gathering space. 

Program Goal Milestones

Public Gathering Spaces
  • Public Meetings begin in June 2016 to September 2016
  • Designs for Public Gathering Spaces completed by May 2017
  • All Sites Completed by Summer 2020