Those Who Served


Many of our valuable City Employees have served in the Armed Forces of the United States.  We recognize those employees below, and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

*Denotes wartime service

Chris Aberle – Minot Fire Captain

US Army 1988-1991
Army National Guard 1991-1996

Elmer Amundson – Minot Airport
US Air Force 1977-1997

Clair Bullinger - Minot Airport
US Air Force 1975-1997

Ben Cofell – Project Engineer
US Army 1999-2001

David Cox – City Shop
US Air Force 1975 – 1979

Rick Duncan – Shop Forman
US Air Force 1978-2003
Operation Desert Storm – United Arab Emirates*
Operation Provide Comfort – Italy*
Operation Northern Watch – Italy*
Operation Allied Force – Italy*

Dee Falkinburg – Administrative Clerk
US Air Force 1974-1994

Danny Funke – Street Department
US Army 1975-2012

Rick Hair – Street Superintendent
US Air Force 1976-1997
Operation Desert Storm*

Matthew Hargrove - IT Specialist
US Air Force 2008-2012

Pete Hoffert - Minot Airport
US Air Force 1978-1998

Kari Hoyt – Office & Administrative Assistant
US Army 2004-2009
Global War on Terror – Afghanistan*

John Klug - Captain, Minot Police Department
US Army 1990-1994

Bob Lewis – Minot Airport
US Air Force 1984-2004

Aaron Moss – Minot Police Department
US Air Force and USAFR 1994-2003
Operation Southern Watch*

Steve Sessions – Minot Airport
US Air Force 1976-2004

Luke Tillema – Mechanical Inspector
US Army 2001-2009
Operation Iraqi Freedom 4 & 5*

Terry Ward – Minot Fire Department
US Air Force 1978-1992
Army National Guard 1995-2001

Dan Wheeler – Sr. Patrolman Minot Police
US Air Force 1982-2004

Steve Whitesell – Admin Lt. Minot Police
US Air Force 1980-1989
USAF Reserve 1990-1992 and 1994-2009