Special Wastes

  • Flood Debris: Post flood debris is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractors.
  • Ashes: Do not mix ashes with garbage. Only cold ashes will be picked up. Ashes must be placed in a closed plastic bag and set a few feet away from other garbage.
  • Paint/Paint Cans: Empty paint cans or empty solvent containers will be picked up by crews. Paint will be picked up if cement powder or kitty litter is mixed with it to form a solid mass. From April 15th to October 1st liquid paint can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste drop at the landfill.
  • Motor Oil: Motor oil will not be picked up by crews, however it will be accepted at the landfill. A special receptacle is set up for used oil.
  • Car Batteries: Batteries will not be picked up by crews. Many retailers accept old car batteries when you purchase a new 1.
  • Animal Waste: Animal waste should be placed in sealed plastic bags before placing in cans.
  • Medical Waste: Place your used syringes, lancets and like materials in a puncture resistant container (like a sealed empty liquid detergent bottle).
  • Sharp Objects: Place broken glass, sharp metal pieces or any other sharp items in a puncture resistant container.
  • Christmas Trees: Christmas trees will be picked up after Christmas from the berm or alley. All trees should have bags and stands removed for easy process. The trees are used for mulch by the Park System.