All Season Arena Board of Directors

Ward County
  • Bruce Christianson
    Term Expires: January 2012
  • John Fjeldahl
    Term Expires: January 2012
  • Jeff McElwain
    Term Expires: January 2012

Fair Board

  • Gary Knell
    Term Expires: January 2012
  • Chuck Meikle
    Term Expires: January 2012
  • Gregg Schaefer
    Term Expires: January 2012

City of Minot

Shall have the function of managing and operating the All Seasons Arena on an annual basis. The board shall have supervision over scheduling of all activities conducted within the arena and shall establish reasonable rules and regulations for the use of the premises by lessees.

Appointment, Membership, Term
This board shall consist of 9 members appointed as follows:
  • City Council appoints two members and one member at large
  • County Commission appoints two members and one member at large
  • State Fair Board appoint two members and one member at large. No members at large can be a member of the governing body of the County, the City of Minot, or the State Fair Board. Each of the three entities shall, in the months of October or November of each year, appoint their respective board representatives, and which representatives shall take office on the following January 2nd.
Tri-party agreement dated April 9, 1974.