Boards & Committees

The City of Minot has many boards and committees that are composed of citizens of Minot. Below is a list of boards and committees that consist of members either elected by citizens or appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council on a periodic basis. Choosing an individual committee name will help you to view information regarding that committee including a list of current members and terms.

You can provide information to let us know that you are interested in serving on certain boards, commissions or committees by submitting the Volunteer Form.
  1. Airport Committee

    This committee provides recommendations for Council consideration on the various phases of airport operations.

  2. Community Development Committee

    It shall be the duty of the Community Development Committee to screen social service funding requests received from new organizations or for new projects.

  3. Committee of the Whole

    This committee makes suggestions for the city council about financial matters within Minot.

  4. Franchise Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the efforts of the City Council and utility companies in establishing limited franchise to provide electrical service, telephone service, natural gas service, cable television and street lighting to the City of Minot.

  5. MAGIC Fund Screening Committee

    Learn about the responsibilities and functions of the MAGIC Fund Screening Committee.

  6. Municipal Limited Parking Authority

    This authority was created to exercise powers granted by Chapter 40-61 of the NDCC relative to the operation, maintenance, management, regulation, construction, reconstruction, and improvement of the municipal parking system.

  7. Park Board

    This board governs the efficient operation of the City of Minot park system.

  8. Planning Commission

    The purpose of this commission is to consult and advise with public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional and other organizations, and with citizens relative to the carrying out of planned development of the city and surrounding area.

  9. Recreation Commission

    The Recreation Commission provides, maintains and conducts playgrounds, community centers, recreation centers, and other recreational and character building areas, structures, facilities and activities for the citizens of the municipality, and to operate and manage the Municipal Auditorium.

  10. Renaissance Zone Review Board

    The goal of this Board is to develop and review all applications and/or proposals for help from the Renaissance Zone legislation.

  11. Special Assessment Commission

    The Commission is vested with the power and the authority to fix and determine not only the benefits but the amount of the assessment each property owner should be required to pay, subject to the statutory review by the governing body provided for by state statutes.

  12. More Boards and Committees

    Other Boards and Committees.