Emergency First Aid

General rules for any medical emergency:
  • First of all, do no harm. Get competent medical assistance, if possible. Do not assume responsibility for a patient if you can get the help of then EMS System, a doctor, nurse, or experienced first-aid worker. If no 1 better qualified is available, take charge yourself.
  • Look for stoppage of breathing, and for serious bleeding. These are the 2 most life- threatening conditions you can do something about. They demand immediate treatment (see following section).
  • Don’t move the patient immediately. Unless there is real danger of the patient receiving further injury where he is, he should not be moved until breathing is restored, bleeding is stopped and suspected broken bones are splinted.
  • Keep calm an re-assure the patient. Keep him lying down and comfortably warm, but do not apply heat to his body or make him sweat
  • Never attempt to give liquids to an unconscious person. If he is not able to swallow, he may choke or drown. Don’t give any liquids to an individual who has an abdominal injury.