Fire Department

The mission of the Fire Department is to protect lives and property from fire through effective fire suppression and prevention measures, to reduce trauma and save lives through the provisions of rescue, extrication, and emergency medical services.

We aim to protect the public against unrestricted use of hazardous substances and control and mitigate incidents involving hazardous chemicals in the environment; maintain a readiness to respond to and provide protection at all types of emergencies whether manmade or acts of nature.
  1. After the Fire

    Find out what things you need to know for after the fire.

  2. Carbon Monoxide

    In the past decade, people have become more aware of the risk of carbon monoxide (or CO) poisoning in the home. The nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) prepared a set of frequently asked questions to help people protect themselves and their families against CO poisoning.

  3. Emergency Information

    Get the information that will help to keep you safe in the case of an emergency situation.

  4. History

    The early history of the department is quite vague due to lack of records. Some of the early dates may not be exact but they are all very close. Much of the early information comes from the very good memories of past chiefs Gil Malek and Claude Metz.

  5. Prevention / Inspection

    Get detailed information about the division of Fire Prevention and Inspections.

  6. Recreational Fire Guidelines

    A Recreational fire is an outdoor fire, where the fuel or material being burned, is not in a contained incinerator, outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill or pit, and is used for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes.

  7. Station Maps

    View maps of the fire stations within Minot and get directions to these facilities as well.