Our mission is to provide necessary engineering, design and inspection of all municipal improvements including streets, storm drains, sanitary sewer and water systems; to provide support services on engineering matters to other departments.
  1. Construction and Projects

  2. Documents

    Review documents associated with the Engineering Department of Minot.

  3. GIS

    View important documents and functions associated with the GIS department of Minot.

  4. Inspections

    The City of Minot Inspection Division is dedicated to the promotion of public health and safety through the implementation of state and local regulations relating to the construction and alteration of structures and property.

  5. Personnel

    View the staff that makes up the Engineering Department of Minot.

  6. Project Bid Information

    View the most recently available project bids within Minot.

  7. Site Plan Review Application (PDF)

    View the site plan review document for Minot.

  8. Standard Specification Documents

    View various documents that will help to outline some of the standard engineering specifications within Minot.

  9. Storm Water Program

    Storm water runoff occurs when rainfall or melted snow flows over the ground. Runoff that is not soaked into the soil becomes surface flow.

  10. Traffic

    The Traffic Engineering Division of the City Engineering Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's traffic signals, signs, pavement markings and street lights.

  11. Special Assessments

  12. Floodplain Management